Tips for managers training intranet content authors

All intranet managers face the problem of quality content. We've been banging on about quality content since 1995, and it's still a topical topic.

Social intranets make the problem even worse: staff certainly write more content, but the quality drops. They have more confidence in their ability to write online content, but their confidence is not always justified: they need help.

Obviously, you need to train your content authors. But that decision is only step one, because busy staff are often skeptical (to put it politely) about any new IT project—and about training.

So how can you get staff content authors involved, enthusiastic and skilled? And how can you be sure of getting maximum value for your training dollar?

Tips for managers training intranet content authors shares some valuable guidelines from intranet managers who have used Contented online courses to train their staff writers. No matter how different their businesses are, they've all had similar problems. And they have kindly shared their solutions.

We'd love to hear your own ideas around these problems of training, culture and morale. Every little helps!

Image from Early Office Museum: Content authors 1949 style: Division of International Press and Publications, US State Department.

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