How one of our clients works smarter, not harder

Contented courses on web writing and business writing help you deal with the elephant in the room: your monstrous web content problem which grows by the day.

In my work as a content strategist, I meet many web content teams, who tell me they are overworked and undervalued.

If you look after a website with hundreds or even thousands of pages, you probably know what I mean.

In the web or communications team, you can spend your days pulling your hair out, policing and rewriting digital content, that is not fit for purpose.

You are flooded with ad hoc publishing requests. You don’t have time to think about content strategy and metrics.

All the while, you are suffering from a credibility problem: your website is getting bigger, not better.

Customers can’t find what they want. Your web pages are not consistently competing on Google.

Or if your customers can find the right topic, they can’t understand it. It’s long, wordy, incomplete, written for print and full of curious jargon.

Calls to your customer service phone line are on the rise. Your publishing process is slow and your backlog is growing.

Your colleagues are frustrated with your internal service levels. They may be plotting their own mini website, despite your company policy.

The bottom line is your website is not delivering on the promise of customer self-service and reduced costs.

You are losing the trust and patience of your colleagues. The executive is asking questions.

Your team contemplates throwing out the whole website and starting again. Surely, a fresh start is better than all this firefighting.

But admittedly, you’ve done this before. Last time, you created a shiny new web design, you ran out of budget and gusto. In a mad dash to go live, you simply migrated the old content to the new website.

New site, same old content problems.

No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room: your web content — the stuff that feeds and fuels your website’s success.

You know your content is king (sovereign?). 

But you need a system and a plan.

If you want a high performing website, you can’t leave your web content to chance.

You can’t expect staff to write web copy, if they don’t know how.

They already have busy jobs. If you think they are magically going to find time and skills to write your content, your plan will fail.

  • The truth is many people don’t understand the mechanics of digital technology.
  • They don’t know how search engines work and how to use keywords.
  • They don’t understand how people read and behave online.
  • They don’t know how to make web pages fit together to create flow.

Only staff with a clear system for writing high-performing web content know what to do.

Our signature system gives copywriters and editors essential writing skills to create successful web content.

We have helped thousands of content managers and copywriters to tackle their content head on.

Let me introduce you to one such content manager, Lynda. Lynda leads a content management team for a large state government website. Her team are committed to delivering useful web content to their citizens.

Part of her content strategy is to ensure content editors know how to write quality digital content. Every year (since 2013), Lynda registers a group of government writers to learn web copywriting skills with Contented. In fact, all writers must train with Contented before they can publish any public information online.

Lynda says staff, who train with Contented, simply produce better online content.

“Contented training gives us a standard approach, a system that we all apply.”

Her content writers now think about audience needs. They write more clearly and concisely. All their business writing noticeably improves — not just their web copywriting.

As a result, all their content consistently ranks higher on Google, than competing content on the same topics.

“We are not working harder, but smarter with our web content. Our content editors now understand why content is king.”

The dedication of Lynda and her team is paying off. The benefits of good content are compounding. The website is reaching a tipping point, where good content is the norm. Analytics and other metrics prove how far they have come.

Lynda and her team enjoy:

  • more productivity
  • fewer complaints and errors
  • stronger internal relationships
  • measurable results.

Who is our training for?

  1. Web content managers and communications managers, who want inhouse subject experts and editors to write better content for the website and intranet
  2. HR managers and employers, who view digital writing skills as essential 21st Century skills for all staff
  3. Staff who want to write online business content that is easy for people to find and follow on the Web and your company network.

The best things about our elearning system are:

  • You don't need to be ‘techy’.
  • Our proven system is simple to follow and takes about 10 hours.
  • You can learn in your own time from anywhere (on our learning management system or your company LMS).
  • We cover the essential skills that make the biggest impact.
  • Anyone can apply our system to their writing work straight away.
  • You can train any number of staff from 1 to 1000. Group discounts apply.

Our online courses give you a predictable system that produces measurable results.

Your staff will feel empowered to write good content, and to remove bad content.

Your web and communications team will be more productive and appreciated.

Better still, you will rise above the detail, and have time for more fun stuff, like content strategy, user experience and celebrating positive metrics.

Your customers will get better service from your website. That makes everyone happier, including your boss.

We have helped thousands of people tackle their web content, and we’d love to do the same for your business.

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