How I turned my passion for writing into my profession – and how you can too

Alice Hearnshaw, web content writer, web content editor, web content trainer, information architect

When I became a parent, I felt like I was on a treadmill all the time. I wanted to work, spend quality time with my kids, keep active, pay off the mortgage, and please everyone. But I was pleasing no one.   

I knew something had to change. I needed more flexibility (and way less stress than my lawyer job).

I wanted to have more control over how my day looked.

I had always loved to write. Writing gave me pleasure. It was creative and allowed me to express ideas and tell powerful stories.

Quietly, I put feelers out, offering to write for businesses, professionals, charities and even our local school. I wrote websites, newsletters, blogs and social media.

Work started to flow. Relatively quickly, I grew an income stream from writing. I could work from home and be there for my kids. This contrast and balance was brilliant for me.

Now I live on a beautiful beach and travel with my family for 10 weeks a year. I have a work day which allows time for me, time for my kids and time for rewarding work.

Most days I find that sweet spot — a wonderful work-life balance.

I started sharing my knowledge with people who wanted to develop modern writing skills for the Internet age.

My colleague and I developed a simple system for how to write high-performing online content for websites, blogs, and social media.

Today I consult to companies, governments and professional writers. I help them make their online content easier for people to find and follow.  

Now you can learn these practical and powerful skills too. My online courses step you through and make it easy.

Thousands of people from all over the world have completed my courses — from parents to part-timers, digital nomads and travelers, empty-nesters, government workers, and even journalists.

The Internet changed everything. All business, all communication happens online — it’s a noisy, crowd place.

To get your message out there, you need to know how digital content works. If you don’t know, your work will never be found by search engines and the people you want to reach.

To remain relevant and to provide a quality service, professional writers need modern ‘digital’ writing skills.

My courses cover the exact methods I use with all my clients, so you can make the leap from print to web writing.

My step-by-step system makes it easy and guides you through.

  1. You’ll gain confidence as a digital content writer.
  2. You’ll discover how online audiences and search engines work.
  3. You’ll strengthen your plain English writing skills.
  4. You’ll take away a system for editing web content you can easily apply.
  5. You can learn at your own pace and place.

Armed with these contemporary skills, you will gain confidence as a writer in the digital workplace.

Many of my course graduates kick start new writing careers.

I get a real buzz when they tell me their skills set them apart at job interviews and they have more freelance work. Some now, like me, run successful writing businesses of their own.

The best investment I have ever made.
Gina G, freelance writer, USA

I owe my business to Contented.
Barb C, writing business owner, Australia

I’ll be putting the lessons I’ve learned to use immediately on my website and for my clients.”
Laura E, freelance writer, Canada

I've helped thousands of people turn their passion for writing into a profession and I can do the same for you.

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Alice Hearnshaw
Alice Hearnshaw


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