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How technology makes travel preparation harder than in the olden days

Long-distance travel is easier than in the olden days. However, preparing for long-distance travel today is fraught with annoying decisions, mainly because of the technology that makes travel easier. (Take a notebook.)

The experience of long-distance travel is absurdly easy. Maybe you hate airports and planes, but not me. From that crucial first announcement assuring us that we have boarded the correct plane, I am utterly relaxed. Body, mind and spirit simmer down. Molecules, follicles, neurons, dendrites and mitochondria calm their jiggling, wriggling and toe-tapping.

But this I assert (tentatively): preparing for long-distance travel might possibly be more fraught and risky than in the olden days, when we sailed to Greece in the good old Patris. And it's the same for you, if you are over 40.


An author's just-in-time strategy for the Frankfurt Book Fair

OK, it's a well-known fact among my friends that I (Rachel) am going to the Frankfurt Book Fair. (Along with 280,000 others.) My excuse: New Zealand is the Guest of Honour and my excellent, outstanding, frivolous book Scarlet Heels: 26 Stories About Sex is in the New Zealand Society of Authors' catalogue.

What's my strategy? It's been slippery but finally, two weeks before the event, I'm getting my head straight.

  • Have a great time and go with the flow.
  • Stop, look and listen: the Fair is an information machine.
  • Find a publisher or agent or both for Scarlet Heels, but never mind if I don't.
  • Gather information relevant to Global English for Global Business.
  • Get over myself!