Certificate in web writing online course training for freelance copywriters, web content writers, staff professional development, content managers in the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia
Certificate in web writing online course training for freelance copywriters, web content writers, staff professional development, content managers in the UK, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia Accountants, lawyers, doctors, nurses, vets, engineers and other professionals complete the Certificate in Business Writing and earn 5 hours of CPD for your CPD record in the UK, USA, Australia, NZ, Canada, India, Singapore, China and Malaysia

Certificate in Web Content Writing

Core skills for web content writers — 5 online courses


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Course overview

Online web content course recognised and independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office in London UK Learn to write website content for websites and intranets online in 5 hours  Study online content writing courses on mobile phone, tablet or desktop.  100% money-back guarantee for online communication courses

Learn basic web content writing skills in only 5 hours. This certificate is the equivalent of a one-day workshop on web content writing and web copywriting. 

New web content writers and online copywriters start here! Instant knowledge that you can use straight away.


Debra Jones, government contractor, Australia: I loved Contented online web copywriting courses. I did a post-grad course in technical writing and technical communications. Your online writing class taught me so much more

You will learn

  • core skills for writing websites that gets results
  • a simple, powerful way to edit web content
  • how to attract online readers
  • why writing for digital media differs from print
  • confidence to apply these technical writing skills to your work.

    Christine Jacobsen, Porirua City Council, local government, New Zealand: Contented online writing courses gave me an entertaining and profound learning experience. Much better than just reading a web content or copywriting book

    Top features 

    • Written by content specialists and expert trainers
    • Recognised CPD qualification to add to your professional credentials
    • Accredited by the CPD Standards Office, UK
    • Equivalent to a 1-day content writing class or workshop
    • Takeaway course materials
    • 100% money-back guarantee

      Andy Wildman, Australian University Australia: I've just finished your wonderful web content writing and copy writing course. Thank you, it's brilliant.

      Certificate curriculum: 5 online writing courses

      1. Writing for online readers: Communicate with readers who are uncomfortable, stressed, searching, and in a hurry.
      2. Writing web headlines: Write web headlines that instantly communicate with people and influence search engines.
      3. Writing web page summaries: Write 5 distinct types of web summaries that communicate the main message instantly. Recognise summaries that do not work.
      4. Writing useful hyperlinks: Know what to write instead of Click Here.
      5. Editing web content: A powerful 4-step web editing system, easy to remember and use. 

        Gagan Virmani, copywriter and technical writer, India: I am writing web content and digital copy commercially now

        Certificate details

        Audience: For communication professionals, web writers, bloggers, copywriters, content authors, government workers and everyone whose work includes business writing and copy writing. Web teams, intranet teams, content strategists and digital marketers.

        Prerequisite: None, apart from computer and internet access. No knowledge of IT required.

        Qualification: Professional development qualification, independently accredited by the CPD Standards Office UK: 5 credits for your CPD record. 

        Time and place: Distance learning courses. Start any time within 12 months. Study online at your own pace.

        Duration: You can access the online courses for 90 days from the time you first log in. Equivalent to 1-day professional workshop.

        Assessment: 5 online tests.

        Authors: Alice Hearnshaw and Rachel McAlpine, respected specialists in digital content, are the course authors. Rachel McAlpine wrote the textbook. Rachel has taught content writing and business writing skills in Australia, Japan, China, New Zealand and Singapore.


        Jacinta Russell, Australian Council: Contented courses are very valuable, not only for web content authors but also for everyday business writing skills and copy writing skills

        Janice Attrill, New Zealand: I enjoyed this online writing course. Website pages will never look the same when you put these web content skills and copy writing skills into practice

        Online writing courses independently accredited by CPD Standards Office for content writers in NZ, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, UK  

        Contented online writing courses come with 100% money back guarantee for online course in web content writing and web copywriting



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