The careers of five best friends begin to merge in a digital workforce

Famous Five Book Cover: Five have a Mystery to Solve by Enid Blyton

When I grew up I had four besties. Together we were just like Blyton’s Famous Five. Sure, we didn’t roam the countryside solving mysteries and capturing villains. Golly gosh no! But we did freely roam our cul-de-sac for hours enjoying jolly adventures — at least until dinner time.

After university, we all dispersed into very different jobs — one into journalism, one into strategic planning, one into advertising, one into corporate comms, and I moved from solicitor to information designer.

But in the last five years or so, something funny has happened: all our job descriptions are starting to look the same. Disciplines are merging. My friends and I are doing similar tasks and use the same skillsets.

In each of our jobs, we are now expected to know how technology and information work together to reach our audience. To varying degrees, we each need to know about digital publishing, content management tools, search engine optimisation, the behaviours of online audiences, social media publishing, online marketing, plain English, and more.

If you don’t embrace these modern skills, you risk being passed over — even by younger, less experienced people who “just get it”. True, I’ve seen it happen. If you don’t update your skills and understand workplace techie terms and tools, you risk being on the outer at work.

In 2010, Blyton’s books underwent a 21st century makeover to appeal to new generations. The Famous Five are still much loved by today's kids. Like Blyton’s books, workforce skills also need to keep up with the times. Rather, I say!

So if you’re that person who sits in meetings bewildered by all the techie talk, quietly just quietly, you need to get to grips with the digital world. Our online accredited courses are designed just for that: busy professionals who want to learn new digital skills away from the spotlightin your own time, at your own pace.

Just one hour a week, and in 20 weeks, you’ll be confident to create powerful accessible content that works for online readers on different devices, ranks well with Google and is easily shared across channels.

These skills are important for your career, but also your workplace confidence and credibility. In a short time, you’ll be celebrating your new skills with your besties — with lashings of ginger beer of course.

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