Nine digital content skills that open up many job opportunities

Today when you write for work, you need to understand 'digital'. Digital technology is a game-changer for writers, copywriters, communicators and marketers.

People who know how to write well for digital media — websites, intranets, social media, blogs, e-newsletters, search engines — have amazing career opportunities.

Many jobs now demand digital content skills: corporate communications, technical communications, web writing, journalism, advertising, publishing, marketing, content marketing, public relations, content management, content strategy, digital strategy, service design and government roles. 

Nine digital content skills: can you tick them all?

People who write for work must know how to:

  1. attract online readers
  2. improve search rankings
  3. use metadata and keywords
  4. follow web accessibility standards
  5. use a content management system properly
  6. write for mobile devices
  7. write plain English
  8. write for Google Translate
  9. publish on multiple channels.

      Rewarding and flexible career path

      Digital content writing skills can offer:

      • a good source of income
      • a rewarding career path that welcomes workers at all ages and stages of life
      • more flexibility for freelancing, part-time work, working from home and working for international clients.

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      Barbara Thomas freelance copywriter and writing business owner in Australia: in a way I owe my business to copywriting school

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      Jun 07, 2016 • Posted by George Hudson

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