Free e-book when you enrol: online Diploma in Web Content

Last week Rachel had a Significant Birthday, so we're giving you a birthday present.

All you have to do is enrol yourself (or a group) in our Diploma in Web Content before midnight, 19 March 2010.

With every enrolment before the deadline we'll send a terrific free e-book worth USD17.00.

"Write Me A Web Page, Elsie!" (abridged, PDF) contains 8 of the 21 chapters in the popular paper version. These chapters are all highly relevant to the 10 courses in our Diploma in Web Content. It's a mini-textbook, with tons of up-to-date, practical and entertaining advice on how to write web content.

Until now, only a few people have received this ebook, and it certainly wasn't free.

Act now! Either contact us on
or purchase a Diploma for one person online

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