Confession: we do provide web technical writing, content strategy and web accessibility services

No surprise: Alice and I buy ourselves flowers every year on the Contented birthday (or approximate birthday). Happily we formed Contented in the spring, so many bonny daffodils feature in the mix. This year the waratahs are splendid, so we each have a handsome bunch of Australians in the house.

As you see, my flowers are still awaiting a creative touch and a vase or two. But they seem contented in a blue bucket marked with an old truism:

Garbage in, garbage out

You thought we only did online web training? That will always be our core business.

But today we received a very nice birthday present, one that any six-year-old would be delighted to receive:
Contented appointed to Government syndicated panel of common web services

Now we are six, we have a confession to make.

For years we have been providing many web services such as content strategy, accessibility audits, writing accessible content, and content project management.

Now that we're on the panel of common web services, the secret is out, the cat's out of the bag. Yes, you can benefit from Contented expertise in web content and accessibility—sure, just call us.

Please let Alice and me have a night off for our birthday.
After that, call us to discuss all your vexatious problems of content and accessibility. And let's get cracking.

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Sep 29, 2012 • Posted by Dave

Please provide me with a price qoute to edit the following webpage for readablity, improvment to text content:

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