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Design web sites for 34+ million migraine sufferers

Your website design could be triggering migraine attacks.

Is this a trivial issue? Should you care?

There's heaps of information about designing accessible web sites for people with disabilities, because for government agencies in many countries, this is mandatory.

WCAG 2.0 sets guidelines that prevent web sites from starting an epilectic seizure.

But I haven't seen anything in WCAG 2.0 about migraine sufferers, so I'm speaking up on their behalf.


Accessibility: clear up the ROT and FILTH on your web site

Accessibility means making access possible and easy for everyone, including people with any sort of disability. (That'll be you, one of these days.)

And whether we're talking about physical space, appliances, or information, providing access means clearing the way. Getting rid of obstacles, and cleaning up the ROT and FILTH.

ROT is redundant, outdated and trivial content: that's mainly ancient rubbish—information that needs to be chopped out.


Confession: we do provide web technical writing, content strategy and web accessibility services

Today we received a very nice birthday present, one that any six-year-old would be delighted to receive:
Contented appointed to Government syndicated panel of common web services

Now we are six, we have a confession to make.

For years we have been providing many web services such as content strategy, accessibility audits, writing accessible content, and content project management.