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18 years of writing for the web: how hot is that?

Writing on the web: for writing courses
Since 1995, writing for the web is a phrase that has come full circle: literary writing online. Business writing, writing on the web, writing for the intranet, blogging, web content, SEO writing, content marketing, mobile content, accessible content, digital communication ... what next?


Information technology is your friend: play nicely, writers

Virtually all information is created and transmitted and stored and shared and searched by means of computers and the internet. That’s obvious, right?

At work, it is commonly assumed that anything digital or electronic is solely the business of those clever people in web management or IT. Accountants and teachers and office managers have no need to bother their pretty little heads about such nerdy matters. Right? Wrong.


Business communication in the digital workplace: SAVUS from the 7 SAD MICE

Technology has changed all business communication—forever. Content strategy is crucial. All business writing is content. All content is digital, social, visual and mobile. Your audience expects to interact, contribute and be heard online. And much business content is visible to a critical public and is inevitably perceived as communication from the organisation.

Meet the 7 SAD MICE of the digital workplace. They are facts of life.

  • S is for Social.
  • A is for Audio-visual.
  • D is for Digital.
  • M is for Mobile.
  • I is for International.
  • C is for corporate.
  • E is for Electronic.