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Writing tip: Email to multiple addresses—To, Cc or Bcc?

When you send an email to a number of people, should you put the addresses in the 'TO:', 'Cc', or 'Bcc' field?

It's all very simple, but recently I had to explain it to a technophobic friend—and I found that difficult. So in case you too need to explain it one day, here's what I told her.

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Stop general staff sabotaging accessibility

Great: you upgraded your CMS so that software and existing content now complies with WCAG 2.0 AA. Problem: accessible technology does not guarantee accessible content. Your staff continue to sabotage accessibility by uploading content that breaks all the rules.

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Writing tip: Stage 5 of your editing system—proofread

Proofreading can be regarded as Stage 5 of your editing process. This is a very difficult and demanding task that requires strong concentration.

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Writing tip: Stage 4 of your editing system—technology check

Stage 4 of the editing process is usually omitted, with dire consequences for searchability and accessibility.

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Writing tip: Stage 3 of your editing system—copyedit

Let's assume you have completed Stages 1 and 2 of editing a large report. That means you have sorted out the big problems, and have edited the report for purpose, structure and content. You have also edited at the level of headings (headlines), sub-headings and paragraphs.

Now to tackle Stage 3: copyediting for correctness, clarity, style and tone.

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Writing tip: Stage 2 of your editing system—headlines, paragraphs

Let's assume you have started editing a large report.

First, you looked at the big picture and ensured the purpose and main message were clear and the structure and size appropriate.

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Writing tip: When editing, use a system

Editing and proofreading are on a continuum that blurs in the middle. Whether you are acting as editor or contracting an editor, be very clear about the brief. What do you mean by ‘editing’ for a particular job? A considerable amount of time and money may be at stake here.

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