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Nine digital content skills that open up many job opportunities

People who know how to write well for digital media — websites, intranets, social media, blogs, e-newsletters — have amazing career opportunities.

Today when you write for work, you need to understand 'digital'. Digital technology is a game-changer for writers and communicators.

People who write for work must know how to:

  1. attract online readers
  2. improve search rankings
  3. use metadata and keywords
  4. follow web standards
  5. use a content management system properly
  6. write for mobile devices
  7. write plain English
  8. write for Google Translate
  9. publish on multiple channels.

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    Writing translatable English: resources to get you started

    The goal of global English is to be intelligible. Not to speak or write impeccable Standard English but to communicate our meaning successfully to people whose English is different from our own.


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    Global English is the foreign language that most technical writers need

    Global English for Global Business by Rachel McAlpine

    Learning Global English is more use to most technical writers than learning a Foreign Language. And easier!

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    International business English on the Web: put it on your bucket list

    You could put Contented online writing courses on your bucket list—but don't wait too long! We teach international business English on the Web: and you need those skills right now.

    This year we've given presentations at conferences in three countries, for technical writers, government web site managers, local government web teams and community volunteers. Each time, we take along our little pink bucket.

    So far, the little pink bucket has never been used to build sandcastles or put out a fire. Instead it's where people drop their business cards in the hope of winning a copy of Write me a web page, Elsie! and a chance do the Contented Diploma in Web Content courses free.

    At the STC India conference last week, the lucky winner was Vinish Garg, President and CEO of Congratulations, Vinish!

    Nice to win but why wait? Our next newsletter will announce an end-of-year holiday special. Watch for it and grab it.

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