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Reward, retrain and retain talent says Ortus HR: now’s good!

Attracting and retaining talented staff is a major problem for companies. Last year’s report by recruitment firm Ortus shows that HR worldwide struggles to retain staff, and headhunting is rife.

This report (many like others) pinpoints career development as the greatest incentive for leaving an organisation. So that’s a top reason for offering targeted training to new staff and others.

Training staff in modern writing skills has never been easier.


Contented: a proud New Zealand company

Many people do our online courses in digital business writing without realising that Contented is a New Zealand company. 

We travel a fair bit and we have customers in more than 50 countries. But we certainly are proud Kiwis, and typifies many aspects of the New Zealand way.


How do content strategists benefit from Contented courses in accessible web content?

Content strategists will be guiding, supporting, supervising and training staff writers. Contented courses are invaluable for this role. Strategists need to be able to see the challenges of web writing from the point of view of staff who produce content for the organisation's web sites and intranets.