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December 12, 2013


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Grammar tip: 'Your' or 'You're'? Instagram cartoon.

Which word, your or you're?We could (and we often do) explain the difference between 'you're' with an apostrophe and 'your' without an apostrophe. Many, many people trip up on this pair of similar words. If that includes you, each time you waste a few seconds thinking about it. Or looking it up. Or using a grammar check, and wondering whether to trust it.

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Per cent, percent or %?

What to write: per cent, percent, or %? Respected style guides disagree.

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Writing tip: Type one space after a full stop

After the full stop at the end of a sentence, type one space. Not two.

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Writing tip: Use 1, 2, 3 for first, second, third

When writing a list, how do you decide whether to use dot points or numbers?

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Design web sites for 34+ million migraine sufferers

Your website design could be triggering migraine attacks.

Is this a trivial issue? Should you care?

There's heaps of information about designing accessible web sites for people with disabilities, because for government agencies in many countries, this is mandatory.

WCAG 2.0 sets guidelines that prevent web sites from starting an epilectic seizure.

But I haven't seen anything in WCAG 2.0 about migraine sufferers, so I'm speaking up on their behalf.

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Accessible content: scrub the decks

A quick guide to making your documents accessible to blind or low-vision people follows.

Remember the acronym: FILTH

For accessible content, you need to scrub away five sorts of rubbish.

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Writing tip: At 4 AM, be consistent

Which is correct: 4AM? 4 AM?  4 am? They are all correct. It depends on which style guide you use.

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